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Coaching Requirements

The Southern Wisconsin Figure Skating Club (SWFSC) follows U.S. Figure Skating and Professional Skaters Association coaching requirements to help ensure that we are providing proper instruction and a safe environment for our skaters.  The Club verifies coaching eligibility at annual membership renewal time and for coach participation in SWFSC Ice and in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned tests and competitions.  

Coach Compliance: What is coaching compliance?
Coach compliance consists of the six requirements listed below for all events, with coaches at qualifying competitions also having the additional requirement of membership with the Professional Skaters Association (PSA):
1. Must be a current full member of U.S. Figure Skating
2. Must successfully pass a background check
3. Must complete the online SafeSport Training program
4. Must have verification of current general liability insurance
5. Must complete four Professional Coach/Choreographer CER courses (four courses, one in each topic area)
6. Agree to the Coaches Code of Ethics
7. Must be a current full PSA member if coaching at qualifying competitions
Coaches must complete these requirements annually by July 1.

Verifying compliance:
A master Compliance Report is available to all members by logging onto Members Only. Click on the SafeSport icon, then on the link, “Download Full Compliance Report.” This searchable document shows all members that are
required to be compliant, along with their status, in addition to any other members who are completing compliance requirements for volunteer or leadership roles.

Coaches will appear as “Compliant” in the Coach box once they have met all six of the above requirements.

Associate Coaches: Coaches who belong to USFS as either an individual member or as a member of another USFS Club, are welcome to teach on SWFSC ice if they are current members of USFS, have proof of Liability Insurance, Safe Sport Coach's Certification and completed current annual Background Check.  This information must be presented to the Club President/ or Club Safe Sport Chair, prior to teaching on Club Ice. Visiting coaches can have five free days on club ice before we impose a $5 daily fee or request associate coach membership.

Certified Instructors are eligible to teach on SWFSC Ice with proof of Liability Insurance, current Instructor Certification, which includes Background Check for those 18 and older, Safe Sport Certification and Club approval.  More information on coaching requirements is available from U.S. Figure Skating's Coaches and U.S. Figure Skating Information for Clubs sites.  

Note: Coaches must meet current eligibility requirements 20120-2021 Coaching Requirements Chart in order  to participate in a SWFSC sanctioned event or test session.  If a coach does not meet the requirements in time for a sanctioned event held by the SWFSC, we will inform the coach of their ineligibility and ask that the coach leave all coaching areas of the event.

Link to USFS Coach's Requirements Chart
 Coach Requirements Chart

Link to Profession Skaters Association (PSA)CER Information  
PSA CER Information for Coaches