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Accomplishment Board @ McFarland Ice Arena

  • Link to the full Monthly Calendar. 2018-2019 SWFSC and SWSS Calendar
    Walk-on fee is $15 per session. It pays to contract! Contract fees are listed on each contract.

    January 2019 Ice Contract  Registration for the January Ice Contract is now closed. Skaters may walk on using cash, check, or punch cards, but none of these guarantees a spot on the ice. Walk on spaces are prioritized for members, then associate members, and then non-members up to five minutes before the session. After that they are first come, first serve. Make sure to sign up with the monitor upon arrival. Check the contract listing to see how many spaces are available.
    January 2019 Ice Monitor Sign Up Registration for January Ice Monitors is now open. Please take note of the volunteer policies and make sure to sign up for one monitor slot each month by the last day of the month! This provides an important service to keep our skaters safe on the ice. 
    Only register for one session of monitoring prior to the last day of the month!
    After the first of the month, you may sign up for any remaining available slots. We welcome non-members that want to monitor and help keep our skaters safe. Remember that for every three extra monitoring sessions, you earn a free hour of ice! 
    February 2019 Ice Contract   Registration for the February Ice Contract is now open. Registration opens first to Members and then Associate members starting January 18th. Non-member registration begins on January 23rd. Registration will close at midnight January 28th!



    • There is no ice or power class Saturday, February 2, due to a hockey tournament.  There is still Learn to Skate.
    • Everything is moved 15 minutes earlier on Saturday, January 19. Ice is at 8:30, 9:45, and Power is at 10:45.
    • There will be no second hour of evening ice on Thursday, January 24, due to a hockey game.
    • Reminder: The Power and Edge classes offered on the contract are only open to those who have already passed their Pre-preliminary Moves in Field test or higher, or with approval of the instructor.