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Accomplishment Board @ McFarland Ice Arena

  • Walk-on fee is $15 per session. It pays to contract! Contract fees are listed on each contract.

    December 2019 Ice Contract Registration for the December Ice Contract is now closed. Check the contract list to see if there are openings on the day you would like to skate and you can use a punchcard ($70 for 5 punches or $14 for 10 punches), or pay $15 cash (exact change please) or check to walk on. Priority for walk on goes to members until five minutes before the session begins, at which point it becomes first come first skate. Check in with the monitor right away to ensure there is a spot for you. 
    December 2019 Ice Monitor Sign Up Registration for December Ice Monitors is now open. Please take note of the volunteer policies and make sure to sign up for one monitor slot each month by the last day of the month! This provides an important service to keep our skaters safe on the ice. Only register for one session of monitoring prior to the last day of the month! After the first of the month, you may sign up for any remaining available slots. We welcome non-members that want to monitor and help keep our skaters safe. Remember that for every three extra monitoring sessions, you earn a free hour of ice! 
    Registration for January Ice Contract will open soon. Associate members may begin to register on December 18 and non-members may begin registering on December 23. Registration will close on December 28 at midnight. 
    Monitoring Responsibilities have been updated and are available here:





    • There are no power classes starting in December and until further notice
    • Open Freestyle Ice on December 24, 26, 27 and 31 will be from 9-10 am & 10-11 am
    • There will be no ice on Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas)
    • Reminder: The Power classes offered on the contract are only open to those who have already passed their Pre-preliminary Moves in Field test or higher, or with approval of the instructor.