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Southern Wisconsin FSC's 2021 Virtual Open

The Southern Wisconsin FSC is excited to host virtual competition in 2021!

Registration Deadline: Saturday, February 27, 2021
Video Submission Deadline: Saturday, March 6, 2021
Technical Panel/Judging Date: Saturday, March 13, 2021

Register Here!

Please note this is not a sanctioned competition.
Any questions? Email

Registration Information

Participants may enter as many events as they choose and for which the skater is qualified. 

  • IJS Events $70.00 (includes a critique for Free Skate Events)

  • 6.0 Events $50.00 

  • $20 for all additional events

  • $20 add-on for critique for Free Skate programs

  • Synchro Events $50 for team + $10/person

6.0 event participants will all receive a medal.
IJS event participants will all receive protocol sheets and the top 3 in each event will receive a medal.

Video Requirements


  • Upload the original video, please do not use a video that was sent via txt or other methods as it significantly reduces the file and video resolution. 

  • Skaters should wear their competition attire or black on black.

  • Video submissions will not contain any editing, splicing and must be recorded from one angle. Any videos that are deemed edited will be automatically disqualified. You will be given one chance to resubmit a video, if found to be edited on the second submission the skater will be disqualified and no refunds given. 

  • The coach or parent, or the skater if an adult, will sign an affidavit that submissions have not been edited. 

  • We recommend that the person videoing the program, be standing nearest center ice and can clearly record all corners of the ice. NOTE: we recommend a test prior to performance to ensure video quality. 

  • Some rinks have limitations as to who is allowed in the rink, and on the ice so we know that this may not be achievable. Please do the best you can given the rules and restrictions in place as your individual rink. 

  • Please record in landscape mode (not vertical). 

  • You will not be judged or scored based on the quality or location of video. 

  • Videos can be recorded with a phone, tablet, camera or computer. 

  • Do your best to make sure the music is loud enough for the officials to hear when they replay the videos during the judging process. We recommend you turn up the music when you record the program being skated on the ice. 

  • Make sure the skater's full body is visible at all times during their skating performance. 

  • Other skaters and coaches can be on the ice when you record your video, you do not have to rent private ice to record and submit your video.

Events Offered


Scoring System Used

Snowplow Sam Elements

Basic 1 Elements

Basic 2 Elements

Basic 3 Elements

Basic 4 Elements

Basic 5 Elements

Basic 6 Elements


Snowplow Sam Program w/ Music

Basic 1 Program w/ Music

Basic 2 Program w/ Music

Basic 3 Program w/ Music

Basic 4 Program w/ Music

Basic 5 Program w/ Music

Basic 6 Program w/ Music


Pre-Free Skate Compulsory

Free Skate 1 Compulsory

Free Skate 2 Compulsory

Free Skate 3 Compulsory

Free Skate 4 Compulsory

Free Skate 5 Compulsory

Free Skate 6 Compulsory


Adult 1 Compulsory

Adult 2 Compulsory

Adult 3 Compulsory

Adult 4 Compulsory

Adult 5 Compulsory

Adult 6 Compulsory

Adult Beginner Compulsory

Adult High Beginner Compulsory

Adult Pre-Bronze Compulsory


Pre-Free Skate Program w/ Music

Free Skate 1 Program w/ Music

Free Skate 2 Program w/ Music

Free Skate 3 Program w/ Music

Free Skate 4 Program w/ Music

Free Skate 5 Program w/ Music

Free Skate 6 Program w/ Music


Adult 1 Program w/ Music

Adult 2 Program w/ Music

Adult 3 Program w/ Music

Adult 4 Program w/ Music

Adult 5 Program w/ Music

Adult 6 Program w/ Music

Adult Beginner Program w/ Music

Adult High Beginner Program w/ Music

Adult Pre-Bronze Program w/ Music


EXCEL Beginner Compulsory

EXCEL High Beginner Compulsory

EXCEL Pre-Preliminary Compulsory

EXCEL Preliminary Compulsory


Well-balanced No Test Compulsory

Well-balanced Pre-Preliminary Compulsory

Well-balanced Preliminary Compulsory


Spin Challenge Beginner

Spin Challenge High Beginner

Spin Challenge No Test

Spin Challenge Pre-Preliminary

Spin Challenge Preliminary

Spin Challenge Adult Beginner

Spin Challenge Adult Pre-Bronze

Spin Challenge Adult Bronze


Jumps Challenge Beginner

Jumps Challenge High Beginner

Jumps Challenge No Test

Jumps Challenge Pre-Preliminary

Jumps Challenge Preliminary

Jumps Challenge Adult Beginner

Jumps Challenge Adult Pre-Bronze

Jumps Challenge Adult Bronze


Solo Pattern Dance Preliminary

Solo Pattern Dance Pre-Bronze

Solo Pattern Dance Adult Preliminary

Solo Pattern Dance Adult Pre-Bronze


Hockey 1 Elements

Hockey 2 Elements

Hockey 3 Elements

Hockey 4 Elements


Showcase Basic 1-6

Showcase Pre-Free Skate - Free Skate 6/Beginner/High Beginner/Adult 1-6/Adult Beginner/Adult High Beginner

Showcase Pre-Preliminary

Showcase Preliminary

Showcase Adult Pre-Bronze

Showcase Adult Bronze


Snowplow Sam Synchro

Synchro Skills 1

Synchro Skills 2

Synchro Skills 3


Adaptive Skating Badge 1

Adaptive Skating Badge 2

Adaptive Skating Badge 3

Adaptive Skating Badge 4

Adaptive Skating Badge 5

Adaptive Skating Badge 6

Adaptive Skating Badge 7

Adaptive Skating Badge 8

Adaptive Skating Badge 9

Adaptive Skating Badge 10

Adaptive Skating Badge 11

Adaptive Skating Badge 12


Special Olympics Level 1 Pairs

Special Olympics Level 2 Pairs

Special Olympics Ice Dance Level 1

Special Olympics Ice Dance Level 2


Skate United Adaptive 2

Skate United Adaptive 3

Skate United Adaptive 4

Skate United Adaptive 5

Skate United Adaptive 6

Skate United Adaptive 7

Skate United Adaptive 8

Skate United Adaptive 9

Skate United Adaptive 10

Skate United Adaptive 11

Skate United Adaptive 12


Partnered Moves


Free Skate No-Test

Free Skate Pre-Preliminary

Free Skate Preliminary

Free Skate Pre-Juvenile

Free Skate Juvenile

Free Skate Open Juvenile

Free Skate Intermediate

Free Skate Novice

Free Skate Junior

Free Skate Senior


Short Program Intermediate

Short Program Novice

Short Program Junior

Short Program Senior


EXCEL Pre-Preliminary Events

EXCEL Preliminary Events

EXCEL Pre-Juvenile Events

EXCEL Juvenile Events

EXCEL Juvenile PLUS Events

EXCEL Intermediate Events

EXCEL Novice Events

EXCEL Junior Events

EXCEL Senior Events


Adult Pre-Bronze Events

Adult Bronze Events

Adult Silver Events

Adult Gold Events

Masters Int/Nov Events

Masters Jr/Sr Events